Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Pictures

This is a late post, but hopefully everyone enjoys it anyway. I really wanted to have newborn pictures done of both of my girls, but after Ella things in our lives were super crazy, so it never got done. So, the second time around I wanted to make sure we captured little Paige and Ella together in the very beginning. The amazingly talented Becki Crosby did the pictures for us, and I cannot say enough good things about them! They turned out great, and look so beautiful. Thanks Becki, you did an amazing job! I love them!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

360 Degrees Of Emotion

Props to all those who picked up on the "Anchor Man" reference. Oh yeah, the day finally came. U2 in University of Phoenix Stadium. Tuesday, October 20th is a day that Trey and I will always remember. Not only for the amazing concert, but also the CRAZY events that led us there.
If anyone knows Trey, they also know what a HUGE fan he is of U2. So naturally, being the amazing wife I am, thought I'd pull some strings and try to get an all access pass for the two of us. Turns out a client of mine has a friend who is in the music business and could make it all happen, or so we thought. So day of, we're super stoked, and then we get the call. Don't worry, my client's "friend" lets us know hours before the show that our supposed "all access press packages" are being pulled because apparently the venue over sold the show. Whatever, we still aren't sure who was full of crap, my client or her friend or both. I'm gonna bank on both!
So, there we are in our living room totally devastated. But like we would let that stop us. Bono was in town, we weren't missing this for anything! To make a long story short, we drove down to Glendale, scalped us a few floor tickets, and had the most amazing, rockin' time ever!!!
To my sweet husband, thanks for being with me on my first U2 experience. I love that we love the same things, and I love that you sing all the words at the top of your lungs, I especially love it when you do it right in my ear :)

The Stage... In October's Rolling Stone Magazine, it said the 360 Degree Tour stage is the biggest ever built for a tour... EVER!


Behold Greatness... BONO
sorry it's blurry, but can you believe how close we are!!! I could literally see the sweat on his neck!!! AHHH!!!

Adam Clayton and The Edge jamming right in front of us, SWEET!!!

We met up with Trev and Clea after the show,
so glad we all got to go :)