Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Haircut, Thanksgiving, and California Christmas

So, for anyone who has seen Ella's hair lately, you know how mullet-like is was starting to become. And for the daughter of a hairstylist to have an 80's hairdo was not gonna fly with me. So after her bath one night, we pulled out the shears, and off came the tail. She always loves getting her hair done in the morning, so getting her to sit semi-still wasn't too hard. And I have to say, her hair looks a lot thicker since we finally shaped it up.

Did I mention how stinkin' cute she is? I know I'm partial, but look at that face! Oh, and did I mention she's a poser.... she's cute and she knows it, Heaven help us!

Since it's been a while since I've updated, I'm going to squeeze Thanksgiving in here too. We decided a little late to make the trip to Cali for the holiday with my Grandma Lucita and my aunts and uncles on my Mom's side. It was Ella's first time on the airplane, ans she did fabulous!!! On the ride there, she got a little restless towards the end, but the sweet couple behind us played peek-a-boo with her and helped keep her happy. When we landed, they praised her for being such a good girl, so of course she yelled, "Yeah!" and started clapping for herself. To our surprise, the whole plane started to clap for her too! It was the cutest thing ever, and once again, Little Lovebug stole the show!

Then it was Turkey Time! Look at that bird, it was HUGE. But, 22 pounds fed all of us quite nicely with plenty of leftovers to enjoy. My Mom is an amazing cook. She always does such a nice job making sure everything is perfect. After we ate, we all did a gift exchange. We never spend Christmas with that side of the family, so why not smash two holidays into one? I'm so glad we got to spend that special day together. I'm so thankful for my family, especially my wonderful Trey! He had to work the day after Thanksgiving, but did it so willingly, and never complained. He's a hard worker, an amazing Father, and the best husband I could have ever asked for. Love you , honey, you're so awesome!!!

Meghan and Ashlee looking as HOT as ever!

Ella neeed a little help from Charly