Sunday, August 16, 2009


So, Ella's hair is finally long enough to put in pig tails. This is a major BIG deal for us, especially me, the hairdresser mom. Sometimes we do pig tails, sometimes we do messy bun pig tails, complete with ribbons, of course. I was getting her ready for the day on Saturday, and I said, "Should we do ponies?" She then replys, "No, I want rabbits." I look at Trey, totally confused. What the heck was she talking about, rabbits??? Then Trey asked her, "Do you mean bunnies?" "Yeah, Daddy, I want Bunnies today, not ponies." We both started cracking up, I thought I was gonna pee my pants! What 2-yr-old would make the connection between "messy buns (bunnies) " and "rabbits"? My silly Ella, I just love her :)
*Sorry the picture isn't great, but you get the idea*

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Not really. Mom is just to pregnant to travel, or camp, for that matter. Trey and Ella went to the annual Whiting reunion a couple of weeks ago. She is such a Daddy's girl, its the cutest thing ever. As we were giving kisses goodbye, I asked her if Mommy could come, and she told me, "No Mommy, you no can come. Just Daddy and Ella, ok." For the whole week before, all I heard about was how her and Daddy were going to sleep in the tent, and ride on the motorcycles. And she wanted to wear the yellow hat (helmet). Thanks to all the Whiting women who helped my dear Trey take care of our crazy Ella : )